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28 December



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Friday, September 19, 2008

I ♥ Hello Kitty

so many things happened the past two weeks or rather 11mths. bad ones. thou it started quite well for the past 5days but i have no idea how long can it last. i hope for eternity.

going for steamboat aft work at bugis with my 2 lovely girls + la ma. sherie suddenly dont feel like going and rah was not feeling well so only left the 4 of us. might be meeting UGLY VAL too. HAHA. my office comp die-ed again and it was sent for repair by mr martin just now. i sat at my colleague's desk for days which is at a corner so people cant see what i'm doing but i stil prefer my own desk + my fat fat beside me thou it's facing whoever that walk past. hehehehe.

6pm le lehhh! i'm going to rush down for a stick of cig but before that i'm going to T first. (only jane and shandie know what's that. hehs!)

can you believe my baby boy is driving a toyota estima now?! yes! but that's not his car lah. hahaha. i wil be meeting him late night today and we are going mustafa!

fruities outing coming soon...
one year anni to be continued... ...

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

I ♥ Hello Kitty

my blog is not dead yet hor!
old pictures updated :D

beautiful birthday flower new year reunion dinner at mummy's house.always self-praise himself yandao kia. HAHAHA!
happy valentine's day flower :Dworking with this darling of mine rocks!my janey gurl's birthday chalet on 22nd feb.
victoria and my bf lied to me telling me that they booked a place at don't know which wu lu bai bai place so that my sisters would be able to come to my house and give me this very big surprise on my birthday and we all went bq to drink after that.

i don't understand why must there be office politic. i missed out the meeting with boss on thurs cos i din go to work and i had a arguement with the HR ytd. the people there only listen to one sided stories and that makes me a bad girl now. the whole office is not as fun as lively like before cos there's only jokes and laughter among themselves and people just give face to me and we walk past each other like strangers. but! luckily there's still my mummy cass and meow meow who will always be with me and my janey gurl no matter how others treat us :)
life is tough and working isn't that wonderful at all :'(

ok my bf is looking at me blogging and correcting my english like a tutor and he don't wanna go bathe till now! he still got to work halfday tmr and i have to wake up early with him to go back home. you guys shall see my next entry soon if i've got the time.

(Note: 4th July fruities outing was a good one! i shall see my lovely fruity sisters soon ya!)

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Friday, May 02, 2008

I ♥ Hello Kitty

not dead, not dead yet.

how i wish i can have a nice dinner with you everyday and this is the only thing i can ask for. by now, we should have put a stop to all the nonsense and useless time spent together. but we did not. your love to me is not love anymore.

i hate to be quiet.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

I ♥ Hello Kitty

it's been months, and will still go on.

i finally met up with my dearest val for kbox session on fri after 3times of unsuccessful ones. peiying and mother quek was there too but we were in seperate rooms next to each other for dont know what reason. thou it was just a short meetup but i really do enjoy it.
jane makes my day happy at work :) and meeting my love one aft work is my eveyday routine.

i promise my machi that i will blog aft she change a new blogskin. i never lie ok ;p

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

I ♥ Hello Kitty

i had a v v v happy 18th birthday :DDD
thanks to all my sisters for the surprise!
at night, drinking session as usual for birthdays, opened a bottle of martell plus a free bottle from mr wee. thanks brother! home sweet home with bf at 6am after sloving problems. rah! and bf never go to work because of me :p

usually when i wake up in the morning preparing for work, i would throw my clothes, hair dryer and anything else anyhow, anywhere and would come back home after work with a neat and tidy room + bed but now... everything is the same like what it is in the morning. i have not pack my bed for more than a week and wash my mattress for more than a month. i don't like this. i'm not happy about this.
no maid = i'm the maid :(((((

i hope my friends can be understanding as i really got not enough time for you guys but i promise i will meet up with you all soon after i settle down with my family stuffs ok. i really miss all those times when we can go out slack at any cafe/place we can think of and talk, eat, drink and laugh like nobody business. it is always wonderful with you guys!
no matter what, i still love you all sisters!

my company had confirmed me yesterday. i think i'm getting fatter and fatter each day seeing the way of how and what i eat for my 4meals everyday. just imagine i had cheesecake for my tea break. argh, i just can't resist temptation!! i got my pay today and i got lots and lots of things i wanna buy. hellokitty keyboard and radio/speakers and any other cute hk cute stuffs will be the first i want to buy :)

as for my love...
there's always happy and sad moments in every relationship and ours is also the same. but the problem comes again, my character and attitude i have to change. i swear it's difficult but i have to try in order to continue this relationship. i'm confuse, very confuse about what i'm thinking and what i want.
i hate i love you.

the slut and the bitch came to my house ytd when we are supposed to meet at vari nice but they can't get me thru my phone so they bluff me that they went home. i was surprised to see them on my sofa and we chat awhile before they went off. bf had been staying over at my place almost everyday and he is moving in to my house officially next weekend! yayayayayay! he will only be going back home sometimes on weekends.

okay, i need to leave my office now and rush to marina bay to meet my sisters for a stick of cig then my bf for dinner. gosh, i think i'm really a wonderwoman.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

after dinner, bf and i went to his sister's house at jurong to slack and i played wii with him til 1am plus. the house damn nice lah but i forgot to take pictures. there's no movies available so we went to a place to romantic and it costs us $110. -_-
first and last time!

i was v v v happy today :D
he sent me back home in the afternoon and we planned to go shopping and watch movie but i fell asleep. as there is no msgs or calls from him when i woke up so i called him and made a big fuss out of nothing and we dragged the time all the way till 7pm plus. we went to rvp to pay our bills first and here comes a heavy rain and the worse thing was that he parked his bike by the roadside. so i called my father to ask him if we could borrow his van and he said ok after some nagging. my bf said that it was his first time leaving his bike anyhow and he did it for me. haha! we headed to peninsula plaza/shopping centre and it's the first time i take a lift inside a vehicle. my bf keep saying i very sua ku cos i got very fascinated about it. HA HA HA. we walked ard and i bought a skinny which i don't like. hmmm. after that, we drove around to look for atm machine cos we don't have cash. headed to geylang's he ji bao for dim sum and after that havelock road to look for ah liang. we wanted to watch the chipmunks at tampines but we were there late so we watched enchanted instead. it was quite a nice show but i still wanna watch the chipmunks! after the movie, we went back to my house to park the van , get my stuffs and his bike and back to his house. woke up in the afternoon and he sent me back home while he go to work.

i went back to sleep when i reached home till evening, ate my dinner and slacked all the way till now. bf is working OT later till 8am. such a poor thing cos i bet he don't have enough sleep yesterday and worse still, he have to spend his christmas at work. dont' think there's half day work tomorrow for me. sians 1/2.

i love being with my bf and he made me wanna love him more and more each day!

it's christmas the day after tomorrow! and
janey, no wish list for me. maybe money will do. HAHA.
my only wish is to see all my sisters on the 28th!

that fucker is at my house now. he lied to me he's working OT but i forgive him cos it was a surprise :DDD so sweetttt!

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

it was his sister's wedding at the chevrons last sunday and i will never forget what happened in the morning but luckily the scene wasn't played out at the dinner if not i really don't know where to hide my face. the bride and groom was so pretty and i wonder when's my turn. haha. everything ended at around 12am and bf sent me home. slept and went to work the next day.

i sat at the red table with them. hehs.

the groom was damn funny i swear. his hair was center parting when he was at my bf's house everytime but to my horror he became so handsome at the wedding. i hope his hair will not go back to normal later at night when i see him. hahaha!

i bought this dress and heels just for the wedding. haha. somemore we went to amk hub last min in the afternoon to get the heels and it was a gift from my bf! but he keep saying that if he give me shoe i will run away (leave him). HAHA! and the same goes to me lah. he still ask me to pay him back a bit of money then take it as i bought it myself one. ha ha ha ha!

who say only girls know how to cam-whore? let me show you this small little boy named nicholas, weijie. he's so cuteeeeee~!

that's me at the back btw. haha.

the half face human behind is my bf's big bro best friend.

my bf peel prawn shell for me! and that reminds me of val cos his bf removes onion from veggie for her. HAHAHA. indeed special sia.

my company's having a buffet now and they are all in the conference room while i'm outside typing this post cos i told myself i must post this by today. there are so much food like pizza, sushi, turkey, and alot more. i stuffed myself with the sushi just now and that makes me so full now. actually i uploaded the photos yesterday but i'm too tired to continue typing and post it.

dinner at marina square genki sushi tonight with his sister and bro-in-law and the both of us will be catching a movie after that. yay yay! shopping tomorrow with my dearest bf :DDD provided i can wake up early :(((

i'm going down for a smoke break now. hmmm. don't know why i'm feeling a little tired thou i slept for 14hrs the day before. sleeping god i can say.

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