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28 December



samsung K5
sony ericsson C902
a job with good pay
good complexion
slim like a stick
table and chairs from IKEA
NEW hair colour
hair rebonding
NEW spect
hello kitty lamp
NEW hello kitty water bottle
hello kitty curtains
first trip to escape theme park
HAPPY 18yrs old birthday :)


chou kin
pei ying
shi jin
shi hua


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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

i'm beginning to like my job alittle except for working no pay OT and i hate the journey by train to raffles and back home. my life is boring now and my only aim is to save at least 10bucks a month or maybe more. i suddenly feel that 24hrs is not enough for us and i wonder when can i ever find a guy who can treat me how i want him to. i'm going to hide in my room and cry out loud. say hello to swollen eyes tomorrow.
i'm not happy now :(

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Friday, November 16, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

pui ben's birthday at acoustic last friday.
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office ladyyy.
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chio lah baby!
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look slut! i got this too. HAHA.
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well well well, mc ytd and i'm off today due to the trip to hongkong my boss organised for the company but there's work tmr for those who are not going. i slept from 3am to 6pm at my bf's house today :D it's been so long since i slept for so long! he went to work at 12pm and just came back not long ago. i love this kind of wifey waiting for hubby to come back home from work feeling. hahaha! hmmm. i spent my everyday last week with my dearest bf except for one or two days i think. i still rmb he once said that we won't get to meet up so often when he's working shift but we're like meeting almost everyday. HAHA. i really love him so much so much.
it's my machi's birthday celebration tmr! YAY! steamboat for dinner and maybe drinking or ktv session after that. the most happy thing is that i'll get to see my sisters. cheers!
alright, i gtg to sleep soon cos his face is like so black now. haha. he's working night shif tmr so i will have a free ride to work :p

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

i had been staying at his house for the past few days. MC on fri and it costs $75. wtf! we stayed home on fri and sat but it's fine with me not to go out on weekends cos i have got him with me :) we just ate mac and he's lying on the bed in lala land now. i don't care i'm going to wake him up later! it's so fattening to sleep straight away after eating and i die die also wanna smoke one stick before going to bed but i have to wait till his mum and sis to go out at 6pm. sianssss! i just got my pay on the 31st and i'm only left with less than half of it :'(

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