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28 December



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first trip to escape theme park
HAPPY 18yrs old birthday :)


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Saturday, June 30, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

went hg mall with my bf to develope his photos and we headed to IKEA aft that. he bought photo frames which cost him almost $100 whereas i bought the table and chairs which i wanted for very long.

kbox from 9pm to 2am
before heading to hg plaza, jane and i accompanied vic home cos she need to get money from her father. xiuhua and peiying were the first to reach hg plaza so we asked them to go kbox without us first. aft going to the atm, the 3 of us went to get bubble tea for ourselves and peiying before meeting val at the lobby of plaza. we sumggled the drinks in and we had a wonderful night together!

while we're taking the photos, i fell straight onto my janey and she knocked on the table! it's was so funny at that time but i'm really sorry about that. seriously, we had a hard time taking these photos.


i think she look like her dog in this photo. lols.


i found out that there's this ang gong kia in most of the pictures above. HAHAHAHAHAHA. machi! why this time it's her but not you?!?!
anyways, xiuhua and peiying left before 2am and the rest of us headed to 401 for supper aft kbox with our oh-so-nice taxi uncle and he paid for our food. as usual, he gave us free ride home! everyone went to bf's house except for val. hmmm, i thought it's always the other way round. hahaha.

victoria and i will be going to the NDP preview later in the afternoon and PARTYWORLD at night~! YIPEEEE!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

dear, i will be the first one wishing you next month!
janey gurl told me just now that she's gonna save money and celebrate her anni and when she asked about where i'm going to celebrate, i answered her nowhere :(
i still rmb the last time we went out on our anni during january. he came to pick me up aft work and we took a train to newton to have our supper and he came over to my house. thou it's nothing special but i'm very very happy at that time.


shall we have dinner before kbox OR supper aft kbox? choose one!
you guys decide and let me know okay.
sad to say, alexis (i din msg you cos i know you got school the next day), karen, mother quek and jovan can't make it and xiuhua you this cb, msg don't know how to reply arh? you're the only one who never comfirm with me!

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Monday, June 25, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

jileen and vic came to my house downstairs and we went to rvp mac for slacking. aft that, we headed to lao di fang and then to my house for dai dee session. we had to teach vic as it was her very first time playing dai dee. she was a fast learner and kept wanting to play and so, we played with her till 7am plus.



she's had gone crazy playing dai dee~!

the last game was played between vic and i and the pic above shows her punishment. other than that, she still had to do smth stupid. HAHAHA. this shall be the secret between the 3 of us :)

went chinatown with my bf to have our dim sum dinner. we walked ard and headed to PS cos we wanted to get couple rings but we still can't find a pair that both of us fancy. sighs. aft that, bf went home whereas i went kovan to meet val. we wanted to slacked at hongkong cafe but there's a long queue outside so we went to 212 coffee shop. jasmine came and the 3 of us slacked till 12.30am. i bought hokkien mee for bf and headed to his house aft that.

stayed home sweet home today :)

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Friday, June 22, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

yesterday night, two of my long lost friend came to my house.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

bf's uncle came to fetch me in the evening ytd and we went to bedok to have that famous ba chor mee. other than that, we still ordered satay, bbq chicken, fish, veggie and "yo ji" mee sua. aft dinner, we went to MacRitchie reservoir to feed the tortoises again and this time round we got more bread for them. headed home sweet home aft that but went to drink at ice with bf, zhi zhong and my darling val aft midnight and we saw huiyun as she's working there. aft that, i went to bf house and went back home in the afternoon just now.

bf's sis bought me ZARA perfume from europe and it's 2bottles in a box but one of them smells like guy's perfume. thou i don't use perfume but i'll try to put it on when i go out :) my sis made a big fuss in the afternoon today cos i borrowed her bag and promised her i'll bring it back ytd but i forgot all about it and went to my bf house. i'm sorry lahhhh.
my complexion like getting worse again or maybe it's because auntie reddy is coming. sighhh.

things are slowly getting better now. i love my boyfriend!

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

within a day, the word that i hate to hear was said twice by him.

in the end, we went to yum cha ytd. met my bf at compass and we took a train down to chinatown. he said that i looked pretty and my complexion is getting better and he thought that i'm a chio bu from far. nb! we walked ard at people's park shopping center before going to yum cha and bf bought a seiko watch which costs $150 after hesitating for so long. aft dinner, we took a train back to sengkang cos we wanted to buy couple rings but there's wasn't any we fancy and he wanted to buy a pair of sandals but the shop don't have his size so we quickly train to hg mall but when he tried on the sandals and walk, he felt uncomfortable so he didn't buy it. aft that, we went into one of the shops outside hg mall and i bought him a sandals with the same brand, same cutting but diff pattern from mine. the auntie still say we got couple shoes sia. HAHAHA. we headed str home aft that and ytd was like the first time we went out without quarrels and arguements. CHEERS!

bf's sis just came back from europe and we're going out to have our dinner later!

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Friday, June 15, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

went to turf city for dinner with my younger sis, bf and his family. actually, we wanted to eat steamboat but the restaurant was closed so we walked ard and went to this teri-panyaki restaurant.

aft that, we headed to MacRitchie reservoir to feed tortoises. we threw bread into the reservoir and we only can see the bread getting lesser and lesser but not even a single tortoise.

we went to toa payoh central aft that for a walk and headed home sweet home at 9pm plus. when i got home, i found out that my big toe nail is coming out and my sister were like eEeEEe here Eeeee there. so irritating and it's all because of that accident. so, i plucked it out as it was not painful and i can see new toe nail growing halfway and abit of my flesh. LOL~! the one beside my big toe is gonna come out soon i think. haha.

stayed home the whole day and it goes the same for today :)

actually my bf wanted to bring me out tmr for yum cha cos he got a $20 voucher and it will be such a waste if he never use it but he called the restaurant and they said we can't use it for the high tea buffet and i don't wish to eat ala carte so don't think we're going :(

sometimes it feels like i don't have a boyfriend and i don't know if i should be happy or sad.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty


the chef

1st dish
our fav fish :)

2nd dish
slice fish with gravy

3rd dish
sambal kangkong

4th dish
my fav "shark fin soup"

that's my dinner ytd and bf says that he rather eat outside cos it's very troublesome to cook and he has to wash all the dishes. hahaha. we watched tv till midnight aft dinner. actually they wanted to go boat quay but i don't want so in the end they never go and bf claims that he never go cos he don't want to throw me alone at his house. so, they went to buy alcohol and tibits at his house nearby 7-11 instead. we drink and played cards till 5am plus. zhi zhong went back to camp and we went to bed str aft that.
woke up ard 2pm today and slacked all the way till now. i think i'll be going home tmr. it's kind of boring but i love it! val, i know how you feel lah. we're happy even when we stay at home the whole day with our bf. RIGHTTT??? hahahaha.

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