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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

first day of work was boring and tiring cos i wore high heels and my leg was fucking painful and never will i wear heels to work again. haha. i took a cab to work cos i was late for work and i only got 13bucks for tips which is shared among 4 people i think. there were 6 china singers and one of them look like a barbie doll!! she's my fav of all cos she is cute and she can sing very well unlike the others. haha. anw, i reached home ard 4am and i'm going to bed aft i wash my face.


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Monday, April 09, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

i had just finished watching DEATH NOTE 2 just now. i know i'm slow cos i never intend to watch it at all until my father rent it today. i always tot that it was a boring show and i won't even take a glance at the commercials on tv but aft watching it, i found out that it's a very nice show! thou i never watch DEATH NOTE 1 but i roughly know what is it all about.
omg! it will be my first day of work ltr and i'm so excited about it! i don't have to worry about waking up or sleeping that late cos i'm alr used to nightlife. haha. i will only work for a week cos my bf is not very happy about it but at least i can have a little experience for it.
my face is getting better compared to the past but it's still got good enough! hur hur. only scars are left but there's two irritating small red dot on my nose!! don't think i'll be putting on makeup when i go to work and hopefully people won't get frighten by my face. HAHAHA!

anw, i ate the FU LU SHOU chocs just now. HAHAHAHA! it's so yummy and i still have 2more waiting for me! haha.

don't know why i can't eat finish the choc but i can eat the cheese bread with hashbrown aft that. haha. okay, i really took a long time with this post and i'm gonna sleep real soon.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

went to my grandma house ytd evening for buffet as it was my uncle's baby boy 1st month. it's kind of weird cos his baby girl looks and behaves like a boy but the baby boy looks like a girl and even wore pink clothes. haha. the buffet started at 12.30pm but i woke up ard 5pm. i changed into my clothes str away aft brushing my teeth and it's my first time not bathing before i go out!! (except for my house downstairs) HAHA! i went with my sis and i was the last one to reach there as usual. the food was not very yummy but i ate 2 plates, one for lunch and one for dinner. haha.
before dinner, i was supposed to go compass pt with my cousin cos she wanted to buy contact lens solution but in the end we took the wrong bus and ended up in hg mall and it was me who asked my cousin to board the bus. STUPIDDD ME! hahah. we walked ard and i bought a princess lunch box and a winnie the pooh ceramic mug w/ lid and spoon and it only costs $3 for the mug!! good deal seh. actually i wanted to buy a hello kitty lunch box but they don't have it so i bought the princess one as it is also one of my fav and the reason for me buying it is because i'm going to cook smth for my bf when i go and fetch him from the airport. sooooo sweeeeet righhhtttt? HAHAHA! aft that, we walked ard and went back to my grandma house aft a stick of cig.
ard 9pm plus, my cousin acc me to my bf house cos i need to sign some AIA forms for my insurance. when we were about to leave, his mother gave me chocs made out of FU LU SHOU, the 3 gods. HAHAHAH! I DONT DARE TO EAT COS I CAN'T EAT GOD! but val told me that by eating them i can become god! LMAO! we strolled back to my house and it's the first time that i talked so much with this cousin of mine. i headed to my bathroom the moment i reached home, took a very very long time to bathe and by the time i came out, my cousin was alr leaving. hahaha.

these pics were taken quite some time ago and i forgot to take photos of the baby boy :(

MY PRINCESS FORK AND SPOON! i found out that val got the same mug as me. exactly the same one!! haha. this is the chocs i'm talking about. looks kind of scary right? HAHAHA!
and i don't understand why the last choc (i think it's FU) won't look into the camera even when i shaked it. hahaha!

i committed a sin cos i just finished up a bowl of instant udon. ARGHHH~! i'll go to bed when the sun rises! HUR HUR!

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

i finally went out the day before ytd! lols.
went to collect my pay at potong pasir with vic and aft that we were supposed to dye our hair tgt but all the salon at serangoon north were too ex and the one that we wanted to go was closed! RAH! so we headed down to central as vic wanted to go to this cafe called TI AMO and i found out that this cafe was the one that i wanted to go with my bf a few months ago but in the end we never. the food there was so yummylicious and the choc fondue only costs 10 bucks!!! i'll make sure that i bring my potato there next time! haha!
took a bus home aft dinner and i met vic again at rvp mac for some slacking ard 12am plus. she brought her friend's laptop along and not lucky :((( and in the end we din manage to use it cos there's smth wrong with the connection or maybe that laptop. we left mac ard 3am plus and we went somewhere nearby my house to chat. reached home at 6am and i slept only at 8am plus. guess i'm thinking of my bf so much that's why. haha!

went to meet my muah chee at my house downstairs ytd night for some talk cork session. vic came down to meet us and we ordered mac when rvp is just one road away-_- haha. went home sweet home ard 5am but now vic is at my house cos she quarrelled with her bf when she reached jackson. haha.

anw, i'm going to start work soon and my bf will be back in less than 10days! YAY!

okay, it's SLEEPING TIME!

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

i don't have to set my alarm clock before i sleep anymore! hahaha. kana sacked the day before ytd and actually i only wanted to ask for another 3days off but in the end my boss ask me to come and collect my pay when i'm free. HAHAHA! and the good thing is that i'm starting work at a pub next monday. WOO~! OLD ONES DON'T GO, NEW ONES CANNOT COME. HAHAHAHA! the pub is at outram and it's not that kind you see in boat quay cos the pub is only for uncles and aunties. moreover, my bf's auntie and her daughter are working there and i don't think i'll be able to drink any alcohol during work. the pay is good and i'll be working from 6.30pm - 3am but there's only one day off every week :( i'm afraid i won't have enough time for everyone. hmmm...

for the past few days, i've been watching tv, vds, dvds, playing the comp, EATING, and the most impt thing SLEEPING! haha. it feels so good to slack at home. WEE~!


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Monday, April 02, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

was supposed to get an mc for not going to work ytd but in the end i spent almost 300bucks on facial and some products. i really have got no idea what i'm doing and i really really really don't feel like working tmr. i wanna runaway from everything but i know i can't.
RESPONSIBILITY! yucks, i hate it!

i need/want someone to guide me in my life. i can't make decision myself and sometimes i don't know even what's wrong and what's right.
i'm going to give myself sometime to think about what i want in my life and pardon me for not answering some of your calls for these few days.


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Sunday, April 01, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty


i can't take nice nice not edited photos anymore cos my face condition is getting worse and i don't understand why. i apply pimple cream and not makeups, i wash my face twice a day and i bring my hello kitty water bottle filled with plain water to work everyday. i din do anything to my face yet it became like shit.

anw, i din go to work today for no reason. i'm so so so sick of working! ARGHHH!!
there's wo cai at 11pm later. YAY!!
but i'm going back to work tmr :((((((((((((((

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