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Saturday, January 26, 2008

I ♥ Hello Kitty

i had a v v v happy 18th birthday :DDD
thanks to all my sisters for the surprise!
at night, drinking session as usual for birthdays, opened a bottle of martell plus a free bottle from mr wee. thanks brother! home sweet home with bf at 6am after sloving problems. rah! and bf never go to work because of me :p

usually when i wake up in the morning preparing for work, i would throw my clothes, hair dryer and anything else anyhow, anywhere and would come back home after work with a neat and tidy room + bed but now... everything is the same like what it is in the morning. i have not pack my bed for more than a week and wash my mattress for more than a month. i don't like this. i'm not happy about this.
no maid = i'm the maid :(((((

i hope my friends can be understanding as i really got not enough time for you guys but i promise i will meet up with you all soon after i settle down with my family stuffs ok. i really miss all those times when we can go out slack at any cafe/place we can think of and talk, eat, drink and laugh like nobody business. it is always wonderful with you guys!
no matter what, i still love you all sisters!

my company had confirmed me yesterday. i think i'm getting fatter and fatter each day seeing the way of how and what i eat for my 4meals everyday. just imagine i had cheesecake for my tea break. argh, i just can't resist temptation!! i got my pay today and i got lots and lots of things i wanna buy. hellokitty keyboard and radio/speakers and any other cute hk cute stuffs will be the first i want to buy :)

as for my love...
there's always happy and sad moments in every relationship and ours is also the same. but the problem comes again, my character and attitude i have to change. i swear it's difficult but i have to try in order to continue this relationship. i'm confuse, very confuse about what i'm thinking and what i want.
i hate i love you.

the slut and the bitch came to my house ytd when we are supposed to meet at vari nice but they can't get me thru my phone so they bluff me that they went home. i was surprised to see them on my sofa and we chat awhile before they went off. bf had been staying over at my place almost everyday and he is moving in to my house officially next weekend! yayayayayay! he will only be going back home sometimes on weekends.

okay, i need to leave my office now and rush to marina bay to meet my sisters for a stick of cig then my bf for dinner. gosh, i think i'm really a wonderwoman.

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