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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

YES! last day of the month~! YAY!
so happy because i'm going to get my pay soon. maybe in 5 days time. MAYBE. hahaha.
walked from potong pasir to hougang ytd aft work. feel so good, so nice cos it's like so windy. hahaha. but took a cab back home from hougang and that's so sad cos i'm suppose to walk home! and i called that fatty. damn it!
why must i be the one calling him?!?!?! whatever~! anw, we're okay now and still tgt. hahaha.
i'm eating bread, drinking pokka green tea, talking to xiuhua and blogging at the same time. multi-talented right? HAHAHA! i'm gonna sleep real soon cos i'm quite tired. can you imagine i played comp for the whole day in my shop and i'll still get tired so early? lol. anw, i din take off today cos mr potato wants to meet me on fri. he asked me to take off that day cos he's going to bring for movies. WOO LA LA :)
and please trust me again! i won't be late for work later~!

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it's a chihuahua. isn't it fat and so cute? haha.

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I ♥ Hello Kitty

late for work again. aRgHhH~!
i won't be late for work tmr cos i'm gonna take off. YAY!
but i'm going to the doc regarding my eyes. cos that time my right eye got infection and that lump of don't know what th fuck is still inside and i've got a problem with my left eye too. hahahaha.
today work is boring BUT! koji brought along his fat dog to work. TEEHEE~! the dog is so damn cute and of course cuter then his master cos the dog can't talk. HAHAHAHA! i simply loveeee it so much!
okay, now it's the serious one.
i msged him at ard 1pm just now and he replied but aft that he never msg me at all. if he wants a breakup he can just tell me. he don't have to make it this way. i won't contact him i swear. since he wants it this way, it's totally fine with me.
i shall go over to val's shop now for a puff and play with the dog as well. haha.
oh god, i so feel like crying now. LOL!

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

just got back home about an hr ago. went punggol nasi lemak with val aft work. jasmine came and meet us there.
quarrelled with him AGAIN. and it's because that i told him i will go home str aft work but in the end i went to eat with val. oh god~! can you imagine we can quarrel because of this? hahaha. the worst part is that he can tell me how much he loves me at bout 9pm and tell me his love for me has faded at 12am plus. LOL! please tell me if this is LOVE!
anw, he told me not to msg him when i'm going to sleep later but i'll still do it :)
trust me, i will go to work on time later ;P

Been Here @ 6:07 PM

I ♥ Hello Kitty

okay, there he goes again.
everyone is diff. the way they express their feelings, the way they do their things, the way they think and alot more. except me for who i am. some things you ve to change but not everything. i know you've never ever wanted a PSP. but ever since your friend's gf bought for your friend, you actually hinted me to buy you one. i don't quite like people to hint me into buying things for them. if i want to buy anything for you, it's my own will. this is not the first time that you hinted me to buy things for you. if i can afford it, why not? but the things that you want me to buy cost a few hundreds. i don't earn alot my dear and i survive on my own. it's not that i'm stingy or what fuck. but it's the thought that counts, isn't it?
just now, you asked me to buy a bolster and a hp cover for you and i just joked bout writing whatever you wanted me to buy for you on a piece of paper and i really din expect you to ask me to buy me a PSP again. yes, i promise you that i will give you the money when i got my pay and you ve to buy it yourself cos i won't ve the time to buy it for you. hope that you will really be happy.

Been Here @ 1:49 PM

I ♥ Hello Kitty

as usual, i was late again. for about one and a half hr. my boss will just sack me one day i swear. and guess what? we quarrelled ytd again. HAHAHA. i shall not talk about it :)
he took mc for ytd and today so he will be going back camp tonight. i will only be able to see him this fri. that's oh-so-sad! haha.
i'm getting abit sick and tired of my job.
3 more hrs to go home!

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Monday, January 29, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

we're going to celebrate mother quek birthday later at night :)
family reunion; I LOVE!
and there will be papa, mama, janey, karen and me!
the rest not comfrim yet :(

my dearest boss, please come back soon.

Been Here @ 10:05 AM

I ♥ Hello Kitty

went to newton with him ytd. actually wanted to take cab there but as it was still early. we took train there instead. the new newton was so diff from the old one. it was damn big and nice :D din eat much but was fucking full. haha. we ordered mussels, crayfish and stingray. and we each drank a cup of sugarcane with lots of lemon :P aft eating, we went to the mrt taxi stand to wait for cab. he came to my house and we quarrelled before we sleep. we just can't stop quarrelling for a day. hahaha. we din hug each other to sleep and he was selfish enough to give me just a pillow! he took the other pillow and my dearest bolster plus the whole blanket ok! but during the night i was damn cold and i managed to pull the blanket to myself. lols. when he's about to leave my house at ard 9am plus he hug me and gave me a goodbye kiss. i kiss him back with a very blur face and he left. aft that i went back to sleep and to my horror, i woke up at 12.30pm. hahaha. i called my boss to tell him that i will be late. took a cab there and i reached at 2pm. lol. he's taking his pract 8 now and i really hope that he will fail. HAHAHAHA! and i'm going to pick a quarrel with him later cos he told me he will msg me aft his lesson which is 2.25pm.
anw, i'm left with nothing to do now. i've counted all my stocks in the storeroom. only left the one upstairs and behind my shop. i can't go there now cos i'm alone. i shall go and get a drink and slack now. wahahahahahaha!

Been Here @ 7:38 AM

Friday, January 26, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

hmmm, i told my boss last min that i wanna take off ytd. cos it was raining and so nice to sleep. haha. and by right i should try asking my boss if i can take advance pay and off on sunday cos gonna celebrate our one year anni on sat with val and bamboo. but bamboo don't know if he got work that day and i just quarrel with him over smth lame and stupid. in the end, i told him out of anger that we're not going to celebrate alr. arghhh! so everything's not comfirm yet. val and i was thinking if we wanna go night safari or mount faber for sky dinning as everything will be plan by us and they just ve to follow! hahaha. but i guess we will talk about it tmr then. talking to xiuhua and val val on the phone now. got work later so i'm gonna sleep real soon.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

i'm finally back to blog! haha. i've been seeing toilet bowls, basin, taps and val val for almost a month. but it's nice working beside her shop cos we can do lots of things tgt. like we will buy food and eat tgt in my shop, smoke tgt, go home tgt and sometimes we go to work tgt too! but that's when we're late for work and we've to take a cab. haha. actually, i feel very bad because i'm like suppose to reach my shop at 12pm but i'll reach at 1pm plus everyday. i just can't wake up on time and the worst part was that my boss can actually say nvm, it's alright when i tell him i'm late. i'm taking it for granted i swear. hahaha. ever since i started working, i feel that life is so boring. go to work, go back home, watch tv/play comp and SLEEP! and i really ve got not enough sleep everyday ok. but ytd was diff aft work :))) jasmine took a cab down to my workplace from east coast and we went to hongkong cafe. we meet val val and xiuhua there. after that karen came down and meet us. we ate and we talk alot. our topics were damn funny and we were fucking noisy. i laugh till i wanna vomit can. hahaha. but it was so nice to meet up with my sisters :P i reached home about 2am plus and slept at 5am i think. fucking tired. and i tot today i will quarrel with him but in the end everything's alright :) hmmm, 20mins more to go home but i might stay abit longer :(

2 more days to our ONE YEAR ANNI!

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