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28 December



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Monday, March 27, 2006

I ♥ Hello Kitty

went compass on fri to meet my mummy for lunch with ah dear. after that, ah dear and i went orchard walk walk. met up with jane and alexis and ah dear met up with 2 of his segent and 1 campmate. then we went to watch movie. " ren yu duo duo ". can say its a fucking bo liao show. then after movie, smth malu happened. i will never talk about it so alexis and jane please do not go around telling people. hahah. then went to eat after that and took cab home to ah dear house. slept frm 5am plus to 9pm. lols.

ytd was our 2nd mth together. actually, he was suppose to book in ytd but he went to take mc. then just now his segent called and say that all got take mc one must go back camp cos i think too many people took mc. then he talk to his p.s and he say tonight then book in. but after that he came his house spot-check. he asked for ah dear mc and medicine. luckily we at home and he don't have to go back. then now so late le also don't know where to go. ah dear now cooking. my stomach hurts alot because i'm bleeding. RAH!

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

I ♥ Hello Kitty

i'm sick!
got slight fever last night, sore throat, cough and there's some white white stuffs growing inside my eyes. oh gosh! that's so disgusting. now my fever is gone but the rest of my illness are still there. i msg my team leader to say that i wanna quit the job just now. and now, i need to find a stable job soon! hahah. gob bless me huh! my ah dear like kana downgraded. either fri or sat he will booked out. i miss him so much. lalalala~

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Monday, March 20, 2006

I ♥ Hello Kitty

Woo~ my poor dear is going back camp tmr. hahas. FINALLY MAN! mc for 3 mths alrdy loh. saded, nobody will acc me to work anymore. but i plan to quit tmr cos i don't have much friends for me to ask and i'm lazy to ask people on street plus the pay they gave me are damn messy. hahah. i need to find a stable job soon. lols.
i miss all my sisters!
all of you must ask me out when you guys are free ok!

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

I ♥ Hello Kitty

My ah dear got 2 more weeks mc again. Oh gosh. Guess we'll have more and more quarrels. HAHA!
Went tampines to find ivan with ah dear ytd around 1am plus. That irritant played jackpot again. Lose, win, lose, win, in the end won about a 100. He can never stop playing whenever we are there, not even when i ask him not to play. RAH! Then we slacked there until morning 8am plus, quarrelled because of blackjack and we left. Haha. Then went to see doc because of my sore throat and cough and went home after that. Slept at 12pm plus and work up at 9pm. I wonder how am i going to sleep later. Haha.
3rd day of work tmr. I have alrdy missed work on tues cause i'm really tired. Anyways, i'm broke. I have no idea how am i gonna survive for the rest of my working days.
I suddenly miss LAI ZHENGHAO now. I'm in love with this POTATO badly. Lols.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

I ♥ Hello Kitty

Very long never blog le.
My ah dear arh, going back camp tmr le. Hahas. But he go inside also kana light duty. NB!
Last thurs was my first day of work at causeway point. My ah dear brought me there. Work was tiring but luckily got him. Hahah. Then after work went to watch BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE 2. With dear, zac, darrance and 2 other friends. Fucking funny show. Then after movie went to 401 with ah dear and val. And went home after that.
Then last fri was my 2nd day of work at toa payoh. Ah dear work with me cos they got not enough people. Hahas. Then after work we went to tampines meet ivan and i saw my long lost friend jasmine. Lols. Ivan left and we went to eat our dinner. After dinner i went to look for jasmine while dear and his army friend went to play billard i think. Then machi and alexis called and say want meet us at hougang plaza. Victoria and one of her friend were there too. Then we went there first and jasmine and her bf came after that. And karen came to meet us awhile. Slacked and played pool. Then 2am plus ah dear, machi and i left plaza first and acc him go vari nice there and find his superbowl friends. And i headed to ah dear house after that.
Then ytd went to hongkong and meet val. Ah yi came after that. Then val went to ah yi house and ah dear came to fetch me in simon car and we went over to ivan place. At first, dear played jackpot lose $7oo plus i think. Then i fucking angry with him. But in the end he won back his money so overall lose about $50. Slacked there until morning 8am plus and i went to dear house and sleep over again =(
My ah dear is so irritating but i still love him the most =DDD

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