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28 December



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Saturday, July 19, 2008

I ♥ Hello Kitty

my blog is not dead yet hor!
old pictures updated :D

beautiful birthday flower new year reunion dinner at mummy's house.always self-praise himself yandao kia. HAHAHA!
happy valentine's day flower :Dworking with this darling of mine rocks!my janey gurl's birthday chalet on 22nd feb.
victoria and my bf lied to me telling me that they booked a place at don't know which wu lu bai bai place so that my sisters would be able to come to my house and give me this very big surprise on my birthday and we all went bq to drink after that.

i don't understand why must there be office politic. i missed out the meeting with boss on thurs cos i din go to work and i had a arguement with the HR ytd. the people there only listen to one sided stories and that makes me a bad girl now. the whole office is not as fun as lively like before cos there's only jokes and laughter among themselves and people just give face to me and we walk past each other like strangers. but! luckily there's still my mummy cass and meow meow who will always be with me and my janey gurl no matter how others treat us :)
life is tough and working isn't that wonderful at all :'(

ok my bf is looking at me blogging and correcting my english like a tutor and he don't wanna go bathe till now! he still got to work halfday tmr and i have to wake up early with him to go back home. you guys shall see my next entry soon if i've got the time.

(Note: 4th July fruities outing was a good one! i shall see my lovely fruity sisters soon ya!)

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