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Monday, March 06, 2006

I ♥ Hello Kitty

Very long never blog le.
My ah dear arh, going back camp tmr le. Hahas. But he go inside also kana light duty. NB!
Last thurs was my first day of work at causeway point. My ah dear brought me there. Work was tiring but luckily got him. Hahah. Then after work went to watch BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE 2. With dear, zac, darrance and 2 other friends. Fucking funny show. Then after movie went to 401 with ah dear and val. And went home after that.
Then last fri was my 2nd day of work at toa payoh. Ah dear work with me cos they got not enough people. Hahas. Then after work we went to tampines meet ivan and i saw my long lost friend jasmine. Lols. Ivan left and we went to eat our dinner. After dinner i went to look for jasmine while dear and his army friend went to play billard i think. Then machi and alexis called and say want meet us at hougang plaza. Victoria and one of her friend were there too. Then we went there first and jasmine and her bf came after that. And karen came to meet us awhile. Slacked and played pool. Then 2am plus ah dear, machi and i left plaza first and acc him go vari nice there and find his superbowl friends. And i headed to ah dear house after that.
Then ytd went to hongkong and meet val. Ah yi came after that. Then val went to ah yi house and ah dear came to fetch me in simon car and we went over to ivan place. At first, dear played jackpot lose $7oo plus i think. Then i fucking angry with him. But in the end he won back his money so overall lose about $50. Slacked there until morning 8am plus and i went to dear house and sleep over again =(
My ah dear is so irritating but i still love him the most =DDD

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