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Friday, February 02, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

took a cab with val just now and we reach our workplace almost 2pm cos uncle went by the expressway and there's traffic jam. LOL!
was off ytd cos i'm tired and got no mood to go to work. so, i must take mc tmr cos i've alr promised him that i'll be meeting him.
i slept for more than 12 hrs ytd but it's still not enough for me. hahaha.
i cried while talking to him ytd night. i don't know why tears keep rolling down my cheeks and onto my father's bed. wahahahaha! i lied to him that i didn't cry. he said about buying PSP ytd again. he keep telling me that his friends re playing PSP and he only can play with his hp. he told me the PSP costs about $500. if i were to buy for him i will only left with $300 because i ve to return my father $200. $300 for a month including my hp and sunpage bills, transport fees, cigarettes, food and new year clothes. i'll chop off my head if it's enough. hahaha. and when i first started work, i told myself that i will buy a mp3 cos the journey to work and back home without music is boring but i guess i will ve to wait till next month.
i really wonder if he ever thought of all these for me or is it i'm too stingy? sighs.

and i'm left with only $5 now. i'm thinking if i should eat not cos i'm really hungry. sometimes, i really envy val, xiuhua or maybe some other people cos when they ve got no cash, their bf will make sure that they won't starve and must ve cigs. so sweet~! haha. btw, i'm not comparing my own bf with others.
okay, i think i shall go buy food now and do some cleaning up when i finish eating :)

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