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Friday, February 23, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

din have time to blog for the past few days and i got no pics for chinese new year too :(

went to meet my machi at hougang aft work. bought 2 pjs at the euro fun fair pasar malam. aft that we went kbox then home sweet home.

went tamp for new year shopping with my fat bf. walked ard and i only bought a top so we went to far east. we kept walking ard the basement for very long. i did went upstairs but there's nothing i fancy. in the end, i bought a dress, a top, a bag, a belt, a necklace and i think there's nothing else. haha. actually going to boat quay aft shopping but we quarrelled cos smth happened. cabbed back to his house aft that.

last min shopping at compass and i bought 2 pairs of shoes. went home and bathe then headed to ah ma house for reunion dinner without my daddy, mummy and cia cos the three of them went overseas. aft dinner, i went home with ning ning and my maid. actually wanted to acc my sis throughout the night but she fell asleep the moment she lie down on the sofa. haha. so i went to my bf house cos his friends will be there for gambling sessions. lol. we played till 4am plus and we lose money :( got no mood to go home aft that so i slept at his house.

went home and bathe then headed to my ah ma house with ning ning and my maid but all my relatives haven't reach so i left aft watching the repeat of jue dui superstar. went to his ah ma house and watched him gamble with his relatives. aft that we went to my godma house. my friends like shijin, huiling, main, jane and her bf were there too. so happy to see them~! aft that cabbed to his house and waited for his friends to come. 8 of his friends came and we started gambling. we only bet 2 or 4bucks cos the previous day we lose money. haha. in the end we win! but overall still lost :( aft all his friends left, wei ming drove us to jalan kayu for supper and back to bf house aft that.

potato went to his relatives house and bai nian while i went home. was supposed to bathe str away when i reach home cos we're going to wei ming house. i told him i'm going to bathe BUT! i fell asleep and to my horror, i saw him standing right infront of me when i wake up. he was fucking angry cos it was like ard 5pm i think and he tell wei ming that we will reach ard 3pm plus. haha. i went to bathe and i left my house ard 6pm plus. gambled and had dinner there aft that back to his house. slacked till 1am plus and he fell asleep in less then 5mins when we re lying on his bed. damn pig! aft that i went to bathe then my machi take cab from orchard and fetched me to rvp. we went to 7-11 and we bought 6 cans of tiger and tibits. she came to my house and we played blackjack. val came and join us aft that and she fucking press my doorbell when my sis and maid were sleeping. really feel like slapping her at that time. haha. but luckily my father wasn't at home. the 3 of us played till 7am plus and sad to say that my machi lose money. hahaha. thou there were only 3 of us playing but it was fun yea! we shall play again next year! or rather when we got time cos it's not only new year that we get to play. we can always play anytime, anywhere! haha.

went to my mother side ah ma house with that potato. the other day was my father side one. haha. woke up late so we reached there ard 7pm plus. we left at 8pm and headed to toa payoh central. ate mos and aft that went to pepper plus. bought 2 tops. one for his mother and the other one for myself. went to his house aft that. boring shit! but i've got no choice :( when we reached home, the moment his mother saw the top that we bought she str away say she cannot wear so she gave it to me. haha. slept at his house and i was supposed to go to work the next day but...

his mother called me alot of times cos i've got work but i'm too lazy to wake up. so i continue sleeping and when his mother reached her workplace she called him. his mother scolded him cos i didn't go to work and he vented his anger on me. just imagine you're sleeping and someone ask you to wake up and go home str away. he told me this and i got off the bed immediately. i went to change and he keep talking to me but i din ans him. so he scolded me hong gan and push me away. i was fucking pissed off with him. i left the house saying that i will not call him anymore. when i was waiting for the lift i found out that i forgot to take my hp. i quickly went back to his house. as his doorbell is spoiled, i had to knock on the door. at first, i knocked on his door lightly hoping that he can hear. aft that i started knocking very hard cos i know he can hear but he choose not to open the door. knn! my hand was very pain at that time and my nails broke while knocking but i don't care so i continue to knock cos i know he is behind the door. finally, he opened the door and ask me what i want. i was crying and i told him that i forgot to take my hp and he still got the cheek to say "chey i tot what happened." fuck right? he went to take my phone and he opened the gate. he was holding on to my phone but he don't wanna give it back to me. i was fucking pek cek so i threw the ring that he gave me downstairs. i can see from his cb face that he wanted to throw my hp down but he didn't. i keep on shouting asking him to give me back my phone and his sis came out cos my voice was too loud. i asked his sis to help me to take back my phone but he went downstairs instead so his sis ask me to follow and i did so. he was looking for the ring when i'm downstairs. i stand there and he asked me to sit down and talk. he asked me to find back the ring then he will give me back my phone. i threw him 50bucks and said i will never go and look for it no matter what. he keep asking me if i want a breakup and i said yes without thinking. he ask me alot of times and my ans is still the same. aft that, his pattern comes again. he ask me to take off the glasses that he bought for me and i threw it on the table. btw, this is not the first time that you're asking back what you gave to me. and i found out that the shirt i'm wearing was paid by him. i threw him another 20bucks for it. i walked off str away and he pulled me back saying that he wanted to see clearly if there's anymore things that he wanna take back from me but he gave me back everything and he said as long as he know what kind of a person i am will do. i walked away cos i tot he returned me everything BUT! he threw my hp on the floor and left. he's a fucking bastard i swear. someone please tell me if your bf or ex bf treats you this way. i think i need to ve a talk with you. aft that, i went to buy cigs and talk on the phone with val and karen on my way home. he called me a few times but i din pick up and he called my house but i wasn't home yet. in the end, he msged me saying that he had help me asked DMK if i can change my shoes. i replied him "i'm going there later, thanks." he called aft that and i picked up. he said sorry to me and because i had a soft heart we re back tgt now. i was taken by his sweet talks and all. thou he's fat and short, he can talk very well.
we met up and went to tamp aft that. we had our dinner at pasta mania. i bought a short and a t-shirt while he bought 2 tops. aft that, we cabbed back to his house.

i reached my workplace ard 12.10pm. YAY! finally i'm not late for an hr or so. hahaha. CHEERS FOR ME ALRIGHT! lol. cleaned the 2 stupid shower screen just now. the water was very disgusting and smelly. actually wanted to sweep and mop the floor but i was too lazy to do so. haha. i shall do it tmr then.

anw, i took a fucking long time to type this entry.
dear, please don't do this type of fucking things again ok or not i will ve a hard time typing it out. haha. and the next time you treat me badly you should know what will happen hor!

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