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Friday, March 09, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

in the end, we went kbox :)
val, machi and i took a cab to punggol nasi lemak. val went home while machi and i went to hg mrt. we wanted to take a train but there's no more train alr so we went to take a cab to parklane. shortly after (actually it's quite long), my bf and his friends came. as we ve got 11 people altogether, we got the big big room. there's a small stage in the room unlike hg plaza. haha.
we din get drunk lah. only tipsy i think. we left there ard 4am and all of us headed to vari nice and eat. home sweet home with bf aft that.

had a huge quarrel with that potato early in the aftnoon when we wake up. he insist on breaking up with me cos of my attitude. oh god! this is not a reason but an excuse. but everything was alright in the late aftnoon cos i promised him that i will not shout at him and give him attitude anymore. if he's happy this way, why not? just hope that he won't feel weird cos i will not be how i used to be.

peiying came down to my shop. aft work we went hongkong cafe with vic. the food there was so yummy! but i wasn't feeling well and so is peiying. don't know why we ve the feeling of getting fever. anw, it was the last day for vic in the fish shop. the news came about when we're eating. don't know the reason why specky fired her. whatever~! home sweet home aft that :)

vic bought lucky down to my shop. aft that she went to his bf house and came back again (without lucky) cos his bf wanna play billard with his friends. vic left at ard 8pm plus and i went to look for her at jackson aft work. took a train back home and bought my fav bubble tea at compass. actually bf came to my house at night but because of my attitude, he went home. sorry~! he asked me to become myself. the one who gives attitude, shout at him and unreasonable. that's me okay! he said he's not happy when i'm not myself. who will be happy if it's like that?

went sim siang choon with my boss ytd like finally!! haha. the place is damn big and there's alot of things for your bathroom. haha. but the problem is that it's too ex alr. a tap can cost like $5800??? wtf. it's not as if bird nest will come out from the tap right. hahah. then bf came down and look for me with his friend cos he's playing billard at jackson. he played jackpot and won money and he bought sweets for me. haha. then aft work val, bf and i went to catch the movie "Just Follow Law" at bishan. it was lame yet funny. hahaha. i cried and laughed like fuck. lol. aft that we cabbed down to newton. YUMMYLICIOUS~! we ordered sambal stingray, sambal sotong, cockles and kang kong. bf came my house aft that cos he wanna hug me to sleep :)))

darling potato bought the new mac burger for me this morning before he go back camp.
so sweeeeet :D

i'm off and i might/might not be going out with him tmr cos i'm fucking angry with him. he don't understand how i feel. forget it. it's not the first time i ve to keep things to myself.

haven't been going to work early. sighs.
feeeeeel so baaadddd!!

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