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Monday, March 12, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

no pics till i know how to use n70 usb cable. hahaha.

it's my offday!
bf came to my house and apologized to me cos he made me angry the previous day. everything's over now and i hope it won't ever happen again.
thou bf has a bike licence alr, he's not going to buy a bike until he's back from taiwan. so while i was blowing my hair, he told me that he's bike is downstairs and asked me not to wear skirt and of course i don't believe him at first till i went downstairs and saw it. in the end, he told me that he borrowed it from his friend. so we went compass cos i wanna make atm card and aft that to hg as i wanna buy contact lens but fuck that shop upside down cos that auntie ask me to come another day as the optician is not ard and it's like the 2nd time she told me can. i need to see an optician cos i don't know if i'm still able to wear contact lens.
aft that we headed to amk to ve our dinner at sushi teh. yummy~! finally got to eat my fav salmon! haha. went back to my house aft that to get my stuffs as i'm going over to his house and stay. we went 7-11 and get some sweets and bf drove me round and round in sengkang then back to his house. when we're at the carpark, he turned to me and tell me it's abit boring to go home so early so he drove me to some wu lu bai bai road again. haha. when we got home, we watched the show "protege" halfway and arguement started because of attitude so we din get to watch it tgt but when he's asleep i went to watch it myself. haha.
nice show~!

his driving skills sucks big time because he drove very fast and he din follow the traffice rules!
and that thing keep happenning on the road again and again. potato, you know i know arh :)

was actually late for work for like less then 45mins but i went to ve my lunch with bf at the coffee shop while waiting for val. called cab to work cos there's no cab at all and it costs 12bucks. luckily we shared the cab fare or else it will be like so ex. val was in my shop 9/10 of the day. haha. at first it's just slacking but in the end we decided to make smth for our bf. we spent the whole day doing it and we ve like red, blue and black ink, gold paint and glue on our hands. hahaha. actually we wanna make a book but in the end we made smth like a photo frame with a piece of black and white photo on it. if i ve the chance i'll post it up :) we finish doing everything at ard 12.30am in val's shop. val went to bamboo's house and gave it to him while i went home.

called a cab and was late as usual. ordered kfc and it cost me like 15bucks. zinger burger w/cheese, popcorn chicken (large), whipped potato (large) and a small coleslaw. i ordered so much because the minimum order is 12bucks. ate everything except for the coleslaw cos i'm like so fucking full now. i'll never gonna order kfc like this anymore i swear. haha.

my bf is sick now. hope he can get well soon :) and he's going taiwan in like 2 days time :(

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