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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

let me recall
stayed at home and was on the phone with vic the whole night.

met up with vic and we walked all the way from my house to peiying's house. damn shiok sia. janey was there and the 4 of us had a great fun drawing on each other faces. i was the only one that got nothing drawn on my face! we played cards, hair extension, truth and dare, eye liner, cooked maggie mee and pancake to eat. janey went home ard 6am plus while vic and i slept at peying's house.

janey drew this chio eyebrow herself! hahaha!!

the heart drawn by peiying.

helping her to touch up her eyebrow.

the eyebrow drawn by me! chio lah baby!

i was the last to wake up and it was ard 6pm at that time. the 3 of us left peying's house and they acc me to hougang to see doc for my face. i finally got the cream for my acne scars and it only cost me 50bucks for everything including the facial wash and medicine. aft that, we took a bus to serangoon pasar malam for a walk. i bought stickers and file for my younger sis and a hello kitty fan, pencil and a box which i've no idea what i wanna use it for myself. but who cares! it's hello kitty okay. haha. i stayed over at vic's bf house. we cooked maggie mee and watched horror movie till 4am i think and we went to mac and had breakfast. i realised that i've been eating supper for twice the 2nd time. we slept at ard 10am plus cos her dog vomited on our bed and we had to change bedsheets!

we woke up in the evening and went to the pasar malam to buy dinner. we kept thinking of places to go and in the end we went to meet jason and his gf at ice. vivienne cabbed down to fetch us. we ordered chivas and drank it within an hour as the pub is closing. jason and his gf went home and the 3 of us cabbed down to georges at east coast to meet vivienne's bf and his friends. vic left first as she need to go home. vivenne was drunk and i got myself kind of high. haha. her bf fetched me home and i slept straight away after washing up.

went orchard partyword with vic and karen and we only paid 1obucks each as a kind hearted soul paid the rest :) actually we planned to catch a movie but it was fully booked. sang all the way till 5am and home sweet home.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

vic, vivienne and peiying cabbed down to my house and fetch me and we went to this pub called fang ting as it was pat's friend birthday. it got kind of boring so vic, peiying and i went to the acoustic to meet up with peiying's bitch and his friends. we wasted half jug of beer because the pub was closing. everyone went off while vic and i went to golden cafe for supper. when we were about to finish our food, vic's bf called and said he wanna fetch her so they came in a lorry and a car. we sat on the car and headed to seletar dam. it was my first time there! hahaha. reached home in the morning and hit the bed.

stayed at home and cried for hours but everything is fine now. i'll prove to you that i can change my lifestyle and that's the day i will get to call you dear dear, again.

went to have supper at rvp mac with val and vic. we slacked till 4am plus and went to val's house. as i got nothing to do, i'm using her sis laptop to blog now. i'm wondering how am i going to bed when i get home later with spaghetti inside my stomach!

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