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Monday, September 17, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

arghhh. i wanna blog about last week but i don't have all the pictures with me yet and i've been sitting infront of the comp from 9pm till now! errr, i quitted my job on sat. i simply just left after telling the lady boss. i wanna say a big THANK YOU to my dearest vic, ah wee and friends for accompanying me during the 3days of my work :) the reason i quit is that it's rather stress working there cos i'm not that kind of person who will take the initiative to know some one i don't know and not to say asking for their phone numbers as they need me to do so so that we can ask them down to drink when there's a need or something like that. the timing is suitable for me but not the enviroment. i went to drink with vic and friends after work AND! they started the pushing here and there game for the 2nd time (i guess there won't be a 3rd time) that caused alot of unhappiness. oh, that "cao ge" talked to me that night and he actually remembered that i sang a song with him before! haha. BUT! he's not a very nice guy from what i've seen with my own eyes so i think i shall stop admiring him :( vic and i cabbed to sengkang halfway and back to bq and back to sengkang again. we had breakfast together with mao and vic came my house to stayover. phone rang the moment we stepped into my room and here comes ah hao, sam and ah wee. i supposed they had some heart to heart session with entertainment from that stupid sam at my house. they left and the both of us slept all the way till night.
i know you won't get to see this but thanks so much for the roses and my fav hello kitty :D
vic told me just now that ah wee might be opening chalet this afternoon. that's like so fasttt. okay, i'm going to try to sleep now. yawns!

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