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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

interviewed and drinking session on sat night at boat quay. i enjoyed myself with the rest except for the part when we're about to go home. 3bottles of martell and beer really got us damn high and esp for that couple. well, it's over already so i shall not talk about it. hahaha! oh, and i sang a song with "cao ge"! :DDD i named him cao ge because i think he look like him from certain angle. lols. actually i was supposed to sing with ah mao but i was outside smoking and when i'm back, the guy was holding on to the mike so i asked my beibei to ask him if he wanna sing with me. HAHA. i always see him at fernado pub last time and he really got a GREAT voice. the only sad thing was that when he's singing a duet song alone, he passed me the mike but i don't know how to sing that song. arghh! it's a very nice old song and i'm listening to it now. hehs! after boat quay was breakfast with my beibei at rvp mac before going home.

sunday night
we went back to drink the leftover martell and headed to loyang to pray after that. it's my first time there and i swear i'm not going to talk so much if i were to go there again cos before going into the temple i told my beibei that i scared my hands will turn red because of the incense and in the end, my hands really turned red but the others did not. we sent ah mao, steven and ah liang back while the 4 of us went to amk for supper/breakfast. home sweet home after that.

no pictures were taken for don't know what reason. haha. oh, i got a part time job like finally! i'm not going to work there for long cos afterall it's still night life. i'll be starting work on wed and i'm but mentally prepared yet! haha.

a restday on monday :) sleeps*
i'm going back to sleep soon thou i slept for like 16hrs altogether. yawns!

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