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Saturday, December 22, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

it was his sister's wedding at the chevrons last sunday and i will never forget what happened in the morning but luckily the scene wasn't played out at the dinner if not i really don't know where to hide my face. the bride and groom was so pretty and i wonder when's my turn. haha. everything ended at around 12am and bf sent me home. slept and went to work the next day.

i sat at the red table with them. hehs.

the groom was damn funny i swear. his hair was center parting when he was at my bf's house everytime but to my horror he became so handsome at the wedding. i hope his hair will not go back to normal later at night when i see him. hahaha!

i bought this dress and heels just for the wedding. haha. somemore we went to amk hub last min in the afternoon to get the heels and it was a gift from my bf! but he keep saying that if he give me shoe i will run away (leave him). HAHA! and the same goes to me lah. he still ask me to pay him back a bit of money then take it as i bought it myself one. ha ha ha ha!

who say only girls know how to cam-whore? let me show you this small little boy named nicholas, weijie. he's so cuteeeeee~!

that's me at the back btw. haha.

the half face human behind is my bf's big bro best friend.

my bf peel prawn shell for me! and that reminds me of val cos his bf removes onion from veggie for her. HAHAHA. indeed special sia.

my company's having a buffet now and they are all in the conference room while i'm outside typing this post cos i told myself i must post this by today. there are so much food like pizza, sushi, turkey, and alot more. i stuffed myself with the sushi just now and that makes me so full now. actually i uploaded the photos yesterday but i'm too tired to continue typing and post it.

dinner at marina square genki sushi tonight with his sister and bro-in-law and the both of us will be catching a movie after that. yay yay! shopping tomorrow with my dearest bf :DDD provided i can wake up early :(((

i'm going down for a smoke break now. hmmm. don't know why i'm feeling a little tired thou i slept for 14hrs the day before. sleeping god i can say.

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