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Friday, December 14, 2007

I ♥ Hello Kitty

i fucking reached my office at 2pm plus yesterday and all thanks to the rain that made me sleep till so sweet, so tight, so shocked when i saw the time the moment i wake up. but i love rainy days still. haha. and so, i took a halfday leave and henry the boss had a small chat with me and he was smiling all the way. so cuteeeee~! HAHA. jkjk! but still, i was late today -_-
yesterday after work, i went to a hawker center at chinatown for char kway tiao with sarah my colleague and we trained back to sengkang after that. i went to meet my darling val at compass for some slacking session at our past fav hangout, mos. i headed home first as my si di fen is on his way to my house and he threatened me he will go back home if i haven't remove my makeup when he reach my house. wtf. but i din manage to do so :p and the worse part came when i ask him to pick up my clothes on the floor, he don't want and i ask my sis to take out my pillow, bolster and cigs and he went changing into his clothes, took both of his and mine helmet, tap on my shoulder and TAR DA! i went to open the door and there he goes :( i started msging and calling him cos i know it's my fault but there's no reply from him and finally he pick up my call and said that he was at ah liang's place. damn it, wasted my effort going downstairs in pjs in the middle of the night with my sis cos i wanted to see if his bike was at the carpark. everything was settled with the help of my darling and he came back to my house at 3am. he said that he was at pasir ris beach alone all the while after he left my house. whatever~! we are fine now and i guess i really got to change that attitude of mine.
my deardear is at the hospital now and i am waiting for his call :'(
back to work now!

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